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‘The Bridge’ – DIY Skatepark

  1. Calgary has a number of skateparks known to the public and are easily found using a Google search but just yesterday, on a little adventure of mine, I stumbled across something I had no idea about, “The Bridge”. I was surprised and impressed at this finding as it is the start of a completely DIY skatepark near the downtown area. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my skateboard as it was snowing because it’s winter and fuck winter because its cold and snow sucks. I can’t skateboard in the snow. I did, however, bring my camera. I feel this place has a ton of potential if kept on the down-low so to help with that and the fact I am writing a post about it, I have edited the photos so they don’t disclose too much info as to where this is and I won’t mention and precise locations. I would totally help build this place up if I managed to get in contact with anyone that’s already involved.

Hit me up if you know where I can contact the creators!

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